Bradford, City of Culture 2025

Bradford Visitor Information Centre are preparing for a new season and a run up to being The City of Culture in 2025.


As part of a selection of new products we have created a neat new identity for the Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, home to The Hockney Gallery.


Wooden postcards, magnets and wall art

We're in for a dry spell

Nostalgia is what it used to be

In readiness for spring, fresh tea towel designs are being commissioned and orders being fulfilled. The market is definitely not drying up!


If you have a favourite image, we can give it a seasonal twist with some spring daffodils, summer flowers, autumn leaves or winter snow.


We have just introduced some exciting new products to our range.


Wooden postcards are now available to take any of your designs. They will take a standard postage stamp and travel happily in the post.


At half this size we also have wooden fridge magnets. This takes fridge magnets in a completely new direction.


From our same supplier we can also produce wooden block art prints


Salisbury TIC is preparing for the 2018 season and has ordered our new Nostalgia range. Jane Fry at the TIC said, "Received delivery of the other Nostalgia products on Friday which look great. Just pricing them up now to put on display. They look great all grouped together."


Yule be surprised by this!

Whilst much of what we do is all about great souvenirs our career backgrounds are from creative design and therefore one of the assignments you may not be aware of is Jacobs Christmas Crackers. We were responsible for getting them to change their name over the Christmas period and really connect with consumers.


Today it is a £3 million brand!


During our presentation we suggested re-shaping the traditional Cheeselet into tree shapes and calling them 'Treeselets' and also creating shaped Cheddars which are, as we suggested,'Cheesonal'.


We’ve got plenty of other Christmas ideas for brands too……so contact Keith at to discuss how you can add some 'Ho Ho Ho' to your seasonal products and packaging.

Merry McChristmas!

In a move that is attempting to strengthen the links between the English and Scottish Parliaments, a Christmas Card designed in sunny Saffron Walden, Essex has been selected by Scottish MP’s to celebrate the forthcoming Christmas season. We’ll gloss over the fact they probably think it was designed in Scotland!


Creativity is a truly wonderful thing and this clever piece of thinking made the selection committee smile and quite right too as creativity knows no boundaries.


So we know the card that Nicola will be sending Theresa this Christmas!


If you want something different, you know who to call, those Smart and Gifted boys!


Now Theresa, if you want a lovely Brexit Christmas Card, you know where we are!


A new line for Saffron Walden

We now have the ability to supply full colour aprons. Our successful Crocus design, currently appearing on bags, tea towels and greetings cards for Saffron Walden, was a natural choice for this new product and the Tourist Information Centre has placed its first order. That's several Christmas presents taken care of!


New outlet - Padstow

Padstow has recently joined the growing number of outlets in the South West of England that have joined the Smart and Gifted revolution.

They now have their own beautiful range of bespoke and individual products and remember everything comes from the UK!

The concept is very simple. We do all the work from photographing the location you want included in your range, show visuals of the proposed gifts and then produce the artwork. It really is that simple!

With the sunny days become less regular you will need to act very quickly if you want to become the latest location to have your own Smart and Gifted range.



New outlet - St Albans

St Albans became the latest location to feature a Smart and Gifted range including some really creative ideas on the mosaics from the Roman period together with our usual and iconic S&G style for some of the local places of interest.

The range also features the unique elongated coaster set for the Abbey that will make a striking souvenir.

The stock arrived recently and the response from the team at St Albans was incredibly positive

"The Stock arrived yesterday it looks really good.

Thank you for all your work on this,


Matthew Plumridge .St Albans Museum"

New outlet - Tiverton

The beautiful town of Tiverton has recently become the latest location to stock its own unique bespoke range and so far the reaction has been really positive.

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new range. They look great in the shop and are already creating a real buzz", Carrie Thomas, VIC Officer.

New museum merchandise

All shiny and new

Bradford Museums just took delivery of new Smart & Gifted merchandise for 4 locations - Bradford Industrial Museum, The Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Bolling Hall Museum and Cliffe Castle Museum. The management team are delighted; “They look great , thank you so much” said Natalie Coe, Bradford Museums Business Co-ordinator.


To have your own range created just for you, just make contact with Keith or Phil and you’ll be amazed just how quick and easy it is!

Our fridge magnets are now more attractive in more ways than one!

They are a tidy wrap around design with a pillowed shiny front and a completely magnetic back. They measure 50mm x 50mm and are attractively priced at 95p each in a minimum order quantity of 20.


Even before the John Lewis ads!

With just 130 days until Christmas we have received our first order for Christmas Cards!

For those that are new to Smart and Gifted we can transform any of your images into a wonderful snowy scene perfect for the season of goodwill. You will find that these are incredibly popular with locals and tourists alike and we had many outlets last year that sold out weeks before Christmas and didn’t have time to re-order,

Christmas tea towels are also exceptionally popular and make great gifts. One   outlet sold its entire stock of 50 tea towels in 1 week.

All come with amended seasonal artwork to make them even more eye catching.

Crocus range springs up

Saffron Walden Tourist Information Centre just took delivery of their new Spring range of colourful Crocus tea towels and tote bags.

We took the town's floral symbol and produced an over all design inspired by William Morris.

There was immediate interest from those in the shop and also those outside as they were placed in the window.

Perfect gifts for friends and family and tourists alike.




Recycled Notebooks

With 100% recycled cartridge paper and heavy brown covers, these just seemed to demand a re'cycle' designs for cycling-mad Cambridge.


We peddled them around the town and sales have stepped up a gear already.




Smart Notebooks

Here are our new Smart Notebooks that we expect to be really big sellers as they bring a smile to everyone that sees them and will provide a completely new buying opportunity for shoppers that are always looking for new and innovative products.




Smart T's

We remain committed to being clever in everything we do and to that end have launched 'Smart T’s' a range of clever t-shirts for the youngsters amongst us!




Hotel art and gifts

Smart and Gifted have pioneered the change in the local gifting market and continue to open up new opportunities for beautiful local ranges so please contact us if you want your location photographed and turned into a beautiful gift range for locals and tourists alike. We are expanding this into hotels following the success of our inroads into the public house trade and believe that the right hotels would really benefit from their own bespoke range.